Is Brown Rice Better than White Rice?

Well the answer to this question is Yes. It is better than white rice as it has lot of health benefits in it. What makes it richer than white rice? It is very rich in fiber, minerals, and vitamins when compared to the white rice. Main advantage is that it contains carbs, with lesser amount of body building proteins and contains zero fat. Let us discuss and find out the best answer for Is Brown Rice Better than White Rice?

Advantages of Using Brown Rice over White Rice

Brown rice has lot of advantages over the white rice because it consists of each and every part of the grain. That is why it is called a whole grain. Whereas the white rice will be processed and the nutritious part of the rice will be removed during that process. Henceforth, the white rice contains very less nutrients and that is why many of us prefer brown rice over white rice. When you consider the vitamin and fiber part, brown rice is supposed to be way ahead than the white rice.

Health Benefits of Brown Rice over White rice

Is Brown Rice Better than White Rice? Considering the nutrients present in the brown rice, it is quite natural that it benefits your health in one or the other way.  It consists of lignans, which is supposed to protect against cardiovascular diseases. It acts as a blood thinner. It acts as an anti-inflammatory drug to reduce inflammation in the arteries.  

If you want to reduce weight, you can try having brown rice. You can even try getting into a right shape by adding brown rice in your diet and with minimum exercise.  It seems that even Type-2 diabetes can be cured when you prefer brown rice over white rice. In white rice starch contents seems to be very much and that is why many of us suffer from gastritis and bloating,

One more health benefit is: It lowers bloating and gastritis. White rice usually irritates bowel movements if it is consumed in large quantities. On the other hand, brown rice is rich in fiber and it won’t cause bloating at all if it is consumed in large quantities. An analysis of 285,000 men and women found that eating an average of 2.5 servings of whole-grain foods each day may lower heart disease risk by almost 25%.

Whole grains like brown rice may also lower total and LDL cholesterol. Brown rice has even been linked to an increase in HDL cholesterol.  

Hope the article has answered all the points on Is Brown Rice Better than White Rice? It has also conveyed some of the best advantages of brown rice over the white rice.  Go through the article and try to use brown rice over white rice. Stay connected to us for more such sections. Thanks for reading!

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