How to Make Your Sneakers Fresh and Clean?

Sneakers get dirty all the time as you wear them when you go out – whether it’s for a stroll, jog, run, hike etc. They take all the dirt on themselves to keep your feet clean and safe. Making them shine like new again is an easy job. You can remove all dirt and sweat easily if you know how to wash shoes in washer.

Here is how you should proceed to clean your shoes.

Remove Any Visible Dirt or Grass from Surface 

This is an important step in knowing how to wash shoes in washer. Take a damp rag and gently rub on the shoe surface. This will help in removing the mud, dirt or grass that has stuck to the surface. Do not scrub hard or you might damage the surface. Banging them together also helps in dislodging the extra mud that is stuck at the soles.

Remove the Stink

The shoes might get stinky with all that sweat accumulating in it over time. To get rid of that, take 3 tablespoons of baking soda for each shoe and sprinkle it generously inside. Leave it overnight. The baking soda will absorb whatever smell was there in the shoe. Remove the soda in the morning.

Place the Shoes in a Wash Bag 

Remove the shoelaces and put the shoes in a wash bag and seal it. You can also use a pillow cover in case you don’t have a wash bag, but make sure to seal it using a string or a rubber band. Place this package in the washer. It’s better to wash the laces separately. If you leave it in the shoes, they might get entangled. To clean the laces, just soak them in a mug with soapy water in it for an hour or two. Then just rinse them and air-dry.

Use Liquid Detergent

Put liquid detergent in the washer. It is not recommended to use powdered detergent as it might get stuck inside the shoes. Also, don’t use any fabric softener as it might leave the residue, which might attract more dirt.

Wash in Cold Water

Use cold water setting and keep the spin from medium to low. If you use hot water, it can cause the glue bonds to crack, weaken or melt. You don’t want them to spin hard and get damaged. Once they are clean, you need to take them out and let them air-dry. Don’t dry them using the dryer or else you will end up with twisted and de-shaped shoes. Air drying will take nearly a day. Keeping it in a sunny place will be better. If you make a ball of newspaper and stuff it in the shoe, it will help both in the drying process as well as in keeping the shape.

Following these easy steps for how to wash shoes in washer will help you get your sneakers sparkling clean and fresh. This method is only for sneakers and you shouldn’t try it for leather shoes, rubber boots, suede or dress shoes.

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