Best Medical Careers for Women

Best medical careers for women are those that offer flexibility and career advancement to fit their personal situation and goal-oriented personality. Since time immemorial, women have composed a fairly large portion of the healthcare profession that people have even come to believe that some medical job titles are only suited for women.

Women have made a name for themselves in the best medical careers for women not only with their career-driven way of handling their jobs but also with their natural caring and gentle personalities. Most of the best medical careers for women concern women’s health as some women prefer to be treated by fellow women. Others are home-based and offer more flexible schedules for women who have other duties to take care of at home. Here are some of the best medical careers for women today:

    • Obstetrician and Gynecologist Physician.This particular kind of physician offers medical care, intervention and advice regarding a woman’s reproductive health. They may offer general ob/gyn services or specialize in a particular area over another.

    • Nurse-Midwife.This is registered nurse who is highly trained and skilled in obstetrics and gynecology to assist an ob/gyn physician in rendering reproductive health services for women. They are also trained to deliver babies themselves.

    • Doula.This is a labor coach that offers more of an emotional than medical support to a woman under labor and all through the whole delivery process. They can also provide emotional and informational support to women before, during and after giving birth.

    • Home-based Medical Jobs.This could be any number of jobs that can be done from home with a computer and a phone-which is ideal for a woman who has to take care of the house and children while trying to build a career for herself. These jobs may be in the field of medical writing, health care recruiting, medical transcription and online medical support.

    • Pharmaceutical Sales.This is another career that offers a degree of flexibility in the work schedule, as well as job-sharing and part-time opportunities. They also give career advancement opportunities for women who are passionate and driven enough to handle bigger responsibilities.

    • Nurse.This may be any number of nursing job that concerns hospital work, office based care, and other non-clinical roles like a professor or a clinical instructor. Nursing jobs are usually shift-based and also offer flexibility in work schedule for women.

  • Dermatologist.Women tend to trust a woman dermatologist who knows just what every woman needs and wants, especially when it concerns the way they look. This is one of the most popular and best medical careers for women.

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